Our HR Advisory Board

Our HR Advisory Board brings experience from top Employers to ensure that our succession planning software meets the highest standards

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No more countless hours wasted on Excel and PowerPoints

Get rid of those messy Excel files and free yourself from creating executive presentations and PowerPoints

Automated reminders to ensure up-to-date succession plans so you can finally stop chasing managers for updates

Succession planning software for risk management and contingency planning

Reduce the turnover cost of your high demand talent by properly identifying and growing your internal leaders

Mitigate business interruption with handover planning at the skill level by leveraging multiple employees to temporarily cover a Key Role through knowledge transfer

Optimize your budget with real insights

Quickly identify vulnerable and at-risk Key Roles so you can proactively inform your recruitment team and start the succession planning process

Accurately enable your Talent Development Managers by identifying the skills and development gaps of your employees ensuring seamless knowledge transfer